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You are...
The expert of your own life.


You are here because...

Somewhere inside of you is a voice that is telling you, "There must be more!"

Purpose matters to you and you don't want to go another day of your life going through the motions. 

You have searched externally for purpose and meaning only to feel discouraged. 

You are tired of feeling lost, exhausted, and undervalued.

You want to expand the possibilities for your life. 

You are ready to bet on the person you are becoming more than the person you were. 

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I'm currently in a weekly coaching program with Hannah and the road map that she gets you to uncover by thoughtful and very specific questions is the best roadmap I can have because it came from within. Giver her a chance if you're in the market to find your purpose.


At first, I thought how would a life coach help me? Wow, I am wondering why I didn't get one sooner. Hannah helped me find out why I have a certain mindset and showed me with exercises that I have the power to change my mindset/lifestyle, so I could achieve my goal of having more joy/happiness. She made suggestions on material that would support my goal


I learned how to look inside myself and see the bigger picture. I got some helpful ways to further explore who I am, and what and where I want to be. Not just accepting "this is a job so let's get through it." My skills can be utilized in a way that genuinely works for me, not just in a capacity to pay the bills. Opened a lot of mental doors for sure. Thank you!


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Minneapolis, Minnesota


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