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The Tiny String Breaking Your Back

"I am going to run out of money, I won't get another chance, I'll be unhappy, I'll never recover, they won't respect me..."


"No, probably not."

Lately, I've been reflecting on a common human experience.

The one-step, two-step dance.

You know it, don't you?

We get that little grain of courage to move forward, then in a double measure, fear rocks us back. Almost as if fear is smirking at our audacity.

Even if all the steps are in the mind (We live out our lives rehearsing in the mind).

Why do we get stuck in this dance? After all, it feels more frustrating than if we never took a step at all. At least the person who didn't step forward is ignorant of their possibility, right? Life must be so much easier for them.

I think the more important question is, how do we get out of this place? Because if you got the itch to step forward once, we know you'll do it again. It's only a matter of time.

There are many coaching activities we could do. You would probably have some "Ahas." Mentally you would make sense of the fact that you are overestimating the consequences. You get that, right? You overestimate the consequences of your choices.

But, I want to go deeper here. Come with me?

Because...I think the solution goes beyond identifying the inflated consequences.

See, our mind will always protect us from what we fear.

If we fear not having enough, then our mind won't let us take risks that we believe will lead to not having enough.

If we fear that people will no longer respect us, then our minds won't risk it.

So then... it's kind of obvious. And it's a little crazy.

But we would have to change our minds about our fear.

We would have to no longer fear being without. Therefore, we would have to believe something else. We would have to believe we will always have enough.

We would have to no longer fear what people may think of us. We would have to root ourselves in what WE think of ourselves.

I'm not saying any of this is easy. It is massive, deep work. It is the kind of work that most will be repulsed by.

But, if you're like me, you know that the deep work you've done on yourself will always be worth it.

You also know that shifts in your external reality will always be proceeded by shifts within. Most people go outside of themselves and start right in with the heavy lifting. "Pick up the pack and get moving," I say the real heavy lifting is within and when done with love and perseverance, it moves mountains in our external reality.

But like I said, this is hard, but not for why you think.

Sure, the weight of the world's conditioning and expectations on your back is hard. But, a lot of you have learned how to shift your weight and keep moving.

Want to know the truly hard part?

Snipping the tiny string that could liberate you and release it all.

And yet, it is that little string that most will never cut because though our backs are breaking, without the weight of it, we fear we may float away into space.

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