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About Me

Hi! I'm Hannah!

I'm Hannah Holden and I'm a Life & Purpose Coach on a quest to help you build a life that honors your spirit and fulfills your purpose. I believe that you (and everyone else!) alive on this planet have a unique purpose bigger than any one person and that together, we have the shared purpose of working with and through each other to uplift and transform our planet. I work with seekers who are being nagged by questions like: "What is my purpose in life?" and "Is this really all there is?" I want to lovingly help you excavate the dreams you buried and help you release the self-doubt your soul swallowed in the process. Together we will awaken your inner wisdom so you can begin to imagine and embody a more powerful, purpose-filled vision for your life.

  • I served five years in the United States Marine Corps where I completed three tours overseas; two to Iraq and one to Afghanistan

  • I am passionate about social impact, but I have learned that all change begins within 

  • I love to learn -- when you work with me you reap the rewards of my insights gleaned from hundreds of books, podcasts, coaches, courses, etc.

  • I have two ICF Accredited Coaching Certifications (basically I've invested in some training to hone my craft!)

  • Prior to getting into personal coaching, I was an Executive Communications Coach where I helped hundreds of global leaders build inner confidence to exude leadership presence

  • During my MBA program, I was part of a team that started a pasta company (I was the pasta-maker!)

  • My three favorite overseas experiences are going to Costa Rica to learn to Surf, seeing the animals of South Africa, and experiencing the incredible beauty of Afghanistan

  • I dabble in meditation, yoga, and other healing spiritual practices

  • I am human... being a Life Coach doesn't mean I think I'm perfect, but rather I'm passionate about using what I've learned to help as many people as I can live better lives


Fun Facts

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